Rise Awards for Schools

This year the University of Suffolk are hosting the International SEEDS conference. SEEDS stands for Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society. As part of the conference we invite people to submit posters for our Research, Innovation, Sustainability and Enterprise (RISE) awards. The RISE awards seek to recognise, celebrate and showcase exemplar case studies from the Built Environment sharing emerging best practice in new and innovative products, technologies, processes, projects and schemes. For the second year, we are engaging younger people in creating solutions for a sustainable future. The RISE Awards for Schools competition encourages school students to make their voices heard about their research and ideas on how to make a more sustainble world, whether tacklign climate change, developing new materials for construction, saving water, reducing our ecological impact or designing new ways to live and work. The RISE awards bring together academic, industry, third sector and community groups in a unique celebration of all those who are helping to change the way we build and live in the future.


Submissions are encouraged from any aspect to do with the way we can build and live sustainably, and poster entries are FREE.

The closing date for entries is Friday 7th July 2023 with the winners being revealed during the week commencing 17th July 2023.


Entries can be made for a project, process, product or an idea for sustainable living, and can be linked to a project you have been doing for a school assignment. Submissions can be from an individual or from a group, team or class. In order to enter please produce an A2 sized poster outlining your idea. Your poster should include text, images and where possible, facts and figures that support your ideas.

Key Points you can think about for your poster submission:

• What is your key idea?

• What aspect or issues of sustainability does you poster address?

• Why is it important to address that issue?

• What are the current and future benefits?

• How can your ideas be realised?

Please send in you’re A2 posters to ssi@uos.ac.uk